Wednesday, February 4, 2009

If your not 1st then your Last! The End

Well it's a said yet happy week here in Colorado. Me and Harry are officially done with the great road trip of '09. We got into Lake City, Colorado Monday. We were originally going to get in Tuesday, but we got tired of being in the car, so we left the Grand Canyon Monday morning and got into Redcloud Monday. Boy o Boy what a great trip. Saturday we got into Joshua Tree and did some bouldering, which was sweet. Those trees there were crazzy. Weather was beautiful and the rabbits. Sunday we got up and watched sunrise and headed out to the Grand Canyon. We arrived in the Canyon that afternoon and paid $25 bones to go into the park ridiculous. But the Canyon was stunning. I can't even put it into words. It's like a mountain except reversed or as Harry would describe it as a big hole. A lot of tourists, nobody spoke english. Their was like a line of cars in the park stopping to take a picture of a freakin deer. What the biscuit! Monday morning we woke up after coyotes scared us out of the park and watched sunrise, sweet painting God gave us that morning and headed to Lake City. So were here now and Harry flies out of Denver Saturday, so will be headin out tomorrow to hang with some friends up North. It's the beginning of the End. Couldn't ask for a better road trip. Great hospitality, food, roads, friends and time with God. Sorry for yall of you who had to read my grammar mistakes. I try to think, but nothing happens sometimes. It's the end of the roadtrip blog, but I'll update the blog for Winter out here for me and upload pictures to keep everybody updated on my adventures out here and what Big Papa is doing out here. So check back here in the next couple of weeks or so. Until next time America! God is Great, Beer is Good, and People are Crazy. Stay Classy!

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Maybe It's Not Home Sweet Home Adjust

Well I'm Kinda in a rush writing for this one guys, me and Harry are about to head out to Joshua Tree to do some bouldering, but here it is anyway. Southern Cali was amazing, stayed with my friend's kevin and Joshi, just got married this past summer, so it was fun hangin out with them, because last time I saw them they were a little stressed with getting stuff done for the wedding. But anywho, we just really chilled and hung out, had some really good food and great weather. It was around 75 degrees everyday it was horrible I couldn't stand it. Now we go back into the cold suckkk. Wednesday we went up to Idlywyld to hang out and hiked a little bit, then Thursday, we went down to the beach. My friend Kevin actually had a sculpture molded after him check it out under the pictures. But the beach was nice hung out, Harry got to massage his big toe in the sand, so he was happy. Yesterday I filled Rick the ranger up with some new oil, big guy was getting a little thirsty. But yeh it was good being back, here it's defiantely a fast paced life here which I couldn't keep up with, but it was nice, catching up with kdawg and joshi and how the married life is and just amazing fellowship. Life is beautiful! It was actually green for once, instead of everything burning. But I'll update when we get back to Lake City, Colorado me and Harry will be in the middle of nowhere for the next couple of days. Until next time America remember God is Great, Beer is Good, and People are Crazy! Stay classy America

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Slice of Heaven & A Smell of Feet!

Over 4,000 miles logged in the Ranger so far. Me and Harry just arrived today in Murrieta, California in SoCal. The weather is freakin perfect. A slight breeze from the West, otherwise perfect. So its been a while since I've updated everyone. Me and Harry have been on the Pacific Coast for the past 2 days. We drove to Moonstone beach in NorCal, after church on Sunday which was an amazing service at Bethel church, talking about freedom in Christ and yeh it was good. But we camped out over Lost rocks Sunday night which was just, you just can't put it in words how beautiful it was. By far one of the prettiest places I've seen in my entire life. But me and Harry hiked down to the beach that nigh,t and on the way back up for some reason we got lost. We knew what direction the car was in, but their was about 100 yards of thorn bush's in our way. After about 45 minutes we said screw it and just got cut the heck up by some thorns, but we made it back. Monday morning we woke up to a beautiful sunset holding hands, or atleast Harry wanted to. I told him God made Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve. Kidding Harry isn't gay. But we woke up early and went bouldering on the beach for about 2 hours, which was just again can't put into words. After that we headed down 101 through the Avenue of Giants(Redwood Forest) geez those things are huge. After that we got on Highway 1 Pacific Coast highway and the whole day we were just taken away by God's beauty and his Power. Hearing those waves crash, was like man. Like don't mess with big Papa or else. But it was a long day and we finally got some rest and woke up this morning and will be here until Saturday then will head out to Joshua Tree then the Grand Canyon for 2 days then finally Colorado. So I'll try and post Friday night, that will be my last post until we get back to Colorado. Until next time, God is Love and stay classy America!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Berries, Leaves, and Mount ains! Oregon

Me and Harry are now safely in Redding, California, arrived this afternoon. The drive was really beautiful country from Eugene to Redding. We spend the past two days up in Oregon with Kaily aka Honeybug! Don't know shes had a new name everyday, we actually made up words last night for 2 hours, just a bunch of none sense. It was a good time had by all. We got into Portland, Oregon, Thursday morning and walked around the city for a while and found out that all cities are pretty much the same. Just a concrete jungle, so we drove up the hill near the zoo and hiked around some trails for a while, just to get out of the car and stretch the legs. But Eugene, Oregon was a really cool place. A lot of coffee shops so me and harry were in heaven! But we just chilled hung out with Kaily and caught up on life. We convinced her to move to North Carolina the land of Milk and Honey. Oregon is good, but to cloudy for me. I do wanna go back and fish the rivers sounds like the state has some freakin sweet fly fishing! So we left this morning, Kaily hooked us up with some good coffee, thanks Kaily.But long story short we're suppose to go bouldering on the California coast today, but we kinda missed the turn, but it's all good, because after we go to church were going head up to Lost rocks, bouldering on the beach its going be sweet, and do that probably, all day and head down Highway 101 and end up in Temecula, California on Tuesday and chill for about 4 days with Kdawg. But me and Harry are doing better, we hugged it out in Oregon, so no punches thrown yet. Nothing but love ya know! But we should have some sweet pictures of bouldering up the next couple days so check back soon. Until then, stay classy America!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Western Swing!

With a new day starts a new era as we have a new president! Me and Harry just arrived in Dalles, Oregon, about an hour outside of Portland! We had a 12 hour drive today as we left from Dubois, Wyoming. We were going to stop in Boise, Idado but Idaho succkks! We spend a splendid 3 days in Dubois, Wyoming at the Diamond D Ranch with Cowboy Andy and it was freakin awesome. We got in Sunday night and started it off right, with some roping. We got the true experience of how cowboys live. We woke up Monday morning and went and helped Andy and Bill a really cool guy that works on the ranch feed the cows. We hung around Dubois on Monday and went up to the 3 lakes area and played some river hockey with a can of dip! It was pretty freakin sweet. See a can of dip does come in handy sometimes. After that we went into town to play some bball. It was 58 degrees Monday and Tuesday. We have traveled through some of the coldest places in America and still haven't seen any snow fall, while back home they saw snow before I did. Tuesday we woke up and listened to the Inaugartion in my truck, while looking at the mountains. It was kind of gay but cool at the same time, better then watching it on TV. After that we went over the mountains into Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Got to see the Grand Tetons which was amazing and a lot of wildlife. I guess you could say thats why this part of the country is so beautiful. Me and Harry did a good job as we went into every outdoor shoppe and didn't buy anything. It was very tempting, but we gotta another 2 weeks of traveling, so gotta save what money we have for gas and food and a bouldering pad. But the traveling has been good, God gave us good roads to travel on! But tomorrow will head into Portland for the afternoon then will head down to Eugene to hang out with Kailey aka "Ladybug" til Saturday. So the rest of the week should be fun. Me and Harry haven't killed each other yet, but he did say he wanted to punch me in the face, but I got him in a Guillotine lock in the Pizza Hut parking, lot and showed him who his daddy was. So will see if he wants to mess with me again. Don't mess with the Brewzer. Ya Hear! Until next time. Stay classy America!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Freezin for a Deep Dish!

Howdy all you beautiful people out there! Me and Harry are now safely in North Platte, Nebraska for the night. We left from Chicago around 8 this morning and arrived here around 8:30. The trip has been amazing so far. We got into Bourbonnais, Illinois yesterday at 2 to stay with our friend Joy. And what a joy it was. Atleast staying inside was a Joy and catching up with Joy was a joy. In downtown Chicago the temperature was -13 not including the wind chill. But Me and Harry did get to experience a little taste of the Windy City at Giordano's famous stuff crust pizza. And what an experience it was. Harry thought the pizza was an experience that rivals Biscuit Factory. Interesting! If that doesn't say Harry is ready for change then I don't know what does. But the pizza was good it's the only reason we drove 8 hours to Chicago! Kiddin, we went up to visit Joy and had a blast and tried to walk around downtown. Frigid! We got to hang out with her friends and played some Partini, and you could tell because when I woke up this morning I had a little buzz from to much Partini from the night before. Tomorrow we head up to Dubois, Wyoming to hang with Andy and were pretty stoked about that. So the next post probably want be til Thursday, because were going to wear our cowboy boots and freakin go crazy. Until next time America. Stay classy! And read outloud below to yourself!

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eye ham sofa king wee todd id A joke we still chuckle at every waking moment!